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How to get an audiobook for FREE on Amazon

If you don’t already know about Amazon audible – It is the world’s largest online collection of audiobook and audio drama’s, with members being able to have unlimited access to original podcasts during their membership.

Every month (including the trial month) – users who sign up to Audible are eligible for ‘1 credit’ and this can be exchanged for 1 book of your choice.

The best thing is – when you use this credit, you get to keep your audiobook forever (even if you cancel your free trial before you get charged).

If you’re not happy with the book that you’ve chosen, it can be exchanged within 365 days with Amazon’s ‘Great Listen Guarantee’ and you won’t lose your credit!

To get started:

Select either of the memberships below, you can either choose the 1 month free trial or 50% off your first free months of Audible.

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Claiming your FREE Audiobook

Once you’ve signed up for your trial, you should see this in your cart – your 30 day trial starts now!

Next up – Choose the audiobook that you would like for free – (Click to browse the bestsellers)

Select your book and choose the option to ‘Buy with Audible credit’ and your audiobook order will be confirmed!

Check your Audible library and you can now listen or download your audiobook!

Not happy? Here’s how to cancel your trial / membership

To end your Audible membership:

  1. Go to your Account Details page on the Audible website.
  2. Under the Account Settings section, click Cancel my membership.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have any remaining credits on your account, you will be prompted to use them prior to canceling. Once you have cancelled your Audible account, any remaining credits terminate with your membership. However, you will still be able to keep and access any audiobooks in your Library, even without a membership.