Latest 15 minute grocery delivery app codes (Getir, Jiffy, Gorillas, Zapp and more)

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Latest 15 minute grocery delivery app codes (Getir, Jiffy, Gorillas, Zapp and more)


Click to download Getir

Getir has been the most notorious app for giving out the biggest discounts, offering huge discounts not just for new accounts but these offers are known to come and go for existing accounts too!

Delivery locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Southampton, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Bradford, Nottingham, Leeds, Cambridge, and Leicester!

To see the current promotion (no code needed): Make an account > Select your delivery location > Click the gift icon at the bottom right > See all promotions!

Promotions appear randomly for each account, if you don’t see any big offers then try logging out and resintalling the app. > If this doesn’t work, re-visit the app at a later date – there is always a promotion going on!

Promotions that have been spotted recently:

  • Get £12 off when you spend £13+
  • £10 off when you spend £11+
  • £20 off when you spend £21+
  • £10 off your first 3 orders
  • £15 off when you spend £45+


Click to download Gorillas ad

Gorillas boasts about their ability to deliver within 10 minutes of multiple areas across the UK!

Delivery locations: London, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading and Southampton

Download the app and try the following discount codes:

  • 50% off your first order: TRYGOR50
  • £20 off your first 2 £25 orders: LEGEND40
  • £10 off your first £20 order: AS892452

Uber Eats

Click to download UberEats

In recent months, UberEats have introduced supermarket and grocery stores on the app, the typical discount offered is 50% OFF

Delivery locations: UK Wide

To see the current code, go to account > promotions > the latest grocery discount should automatically be added to your account!

Yango Deli

Click to download Yango Deli

Yango is another new 15-minute delivery service, delivering in warehouses strategically located around London

Delivery locations: London

As a standard promotion, Yango offer 30% off your first 3 orders – No code is required for this, just create a new account

Get £10 off your first Yango Deli order PLUS 30% OFF with code: 8hxbdhb6


Click to download Zapp

Zapp is a service that will deliver within 20 mins and is said to be open 24/7

Delivery locations: London, Manchester, Cambridge and Bristol

Get £10 off your first £20+ Zapp order with code: ASNMCBM – (Apply this in the referral code section)

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